Kathy instructs one day workshops called “Listening” to the Animals

She is a strong believer in understanding the basics of any skill. Her workshops are designed first to be affordable but more importantly to accommodate small groups. Kathy’s philosophy is “bigger is not necessarily better”. Learning to communicate to the animals is an intimate experience; class size is limited to 20 participants. She does not object to teaching larger groups but Kathy feels she may lose a few of her participants to larger class sizes. One-on-One interaction is very important to her. How many times have you gone to a workshop/class of any nature and you were one out of a hundred plus people? Did you feel you received the information completely or did you walk away with UN-answered questions? It was not due to the facilitator’s inadequacy as an instructor – simply too many people. Kathy has experienced those same feelings and scenario hence her reason for keeping class size down.

We all experience the same event differently and with animal communication, due to the intimacy, peoples experience will vary. The animals have the innate ability to share with us the absolute joy of being connected to all life. When we allow ourselves to be open to the possibility of intuitive communication with the animals the experience not only becomes tangible but you also experience a deeper connection with yourself.

Kathy recommends the group organize a monthly practice day/night after attending a workshop. It is through practice that your skill level improves. When we are taught to walk, it is by placing one foot in front of the other as we grow we get a rhythm and a certain gate in our stride. By practicing do we not improve with time? As we grow running, jumping, climbing, etc… becomes effortless. The skills Kathy teaches will give you the foundation to experience animal communication; by practicing those skills your abilities will grow even stronger.

Intuition is something we are all born with. We know ourselves better than anybody else, but for whatever reason we seem to go outside of ourselves to find the missing pieces we believe we have lost or need. Following your intuitive side that knowing we all have is just a thought away. Trusting those moments can give you clarity beyond what anyone else could offer you. It’s a “habit” that has been unconsciously removed from out daily living. The dependency for outside information has dulled our senses to the point of co-dependency on electronics and other stimulus. When was the last time you sat with yourself and allowed the freedom of those thoughts that guide us to play a part in your daily life? Do you know how? Do you trust yourself enough to examine them as a side of you that is attempting to communicate with you?

Animal Communication – Intuitive communication its all similar. It’s trusting the other senses and yourself enough to express and act on the information received.

The clinic assists you in awakening that side of you: to consciously agree to accept intuitive thoughts into your daily living. This is not for “special” or “gifted” people; it’s for EVERYONE (young and old). The weekend workshop not only provides you with the skills to “Listen” to the animals its also extends into your daily living.

Are you ready to re-awaken up your intuition?

Kathy’s workshops assist you in regaining your intuitive side. There is absolutely nothing new or extraordinary about it. We are ALL born with this ability.

If you would like to host a workshop or participate in one,
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“To know and understand the basics is all we need. If we do not totally understand a subject and jump to another skill level we only create frustration and defeat within ourselves. When the mind and body are able to absorb new information and integrate the new information into daily life, it is by that act the information becomes a strong foundation and new knowledge can occur gracefully on its own.”
– Kathy George


You have the choice of attending Level I or attending both Levels I & II.

If you can not decide you would like to participate in Level II at this time, please feel free to decide after the Level I workshop.

If we have an opening for Level II you may sign up and participate. Kathy asks you only participate within your comfort zone.

Her students have included veterinarians, animal massage therapist, animal rescue groups, pet sitters, and other animal professionals – as well as thousands of animal lovers, just like you!


Saturday Level I:

In this workshop Kathy will help you recognize times that you already have experienced telepathic communication with animals. We use our telepathic muscle, our knowing, everyday. Unfortunately we do not take time to recognize the subtleties of the events when they occur.

Kathy was fortunate enough to meet Animal Communicator Anita Curtis. Anita showed Kathy how to use her telepathic muscle “better”.

The morning will be spent “wakening” your muscle with specific exercises. Kathy uses the word “wakening” due to our intuitive muscle; our telepathic muscle is a little sleepy for some. If you do not use a muscle it becomes weak and atrophies. The exercises you will participate in will help wake up your intuitive muscle.

  • You will participate in exercises and meditations, which assist in increasing your receptivity to telepathic communication.
  • You will learn to quiet and focus your mind.
  • Practice sending and receiving images telepathically, first with a human partner and then with an animal.

We do not focus on “speaking” with our own animals at first. We concentrate on “speaking” with our partners animals first. We all need validation to help with our confidence. Example: If you were to speak with your dog first, and you asked “What is your favorite activity?” And your reply was a visual of a red ball. Your first thought would be “I knew that.” Your second thought would be “I’m making this up”. “Speaking” with your partners animals first will validate the information you receive with out questioning yourself i.e. “Am I making this up?”

Please do not bring your animal friends to the workshop we use photographs. They do not need to be clear or recent as long as you know the animal well to validate the information received by your partner.

Sunday Level II:

This Workshop was formed to enhance and broaden the skills learned in Level I.

We will begin to focus more on the details, to ask questions based from the answers the animal(s) give you. Create more of a 3-way conversation. The “crutches” given to you in Level I will slowly be removed. The need to use photographs and write down information is not necessary.

You will have an open conversation with your partner and their animal, i.e. no writing or photographs will be required by the student.

Must have attended Level I before moving to Level II.

  • Broaden your skills acquired in Level I.
  • We will explore the view points and feelings within a specific animal.
  • Learn to contact departed animals.
  • Learning how to ask questions more effectively.
  • Gain more confidence in your abilities as an animal (intuitive) communicator.

Requirements: For Level I & Level II

Please bring the following:

  • (3) Photos of living animals for Level I &Level II
  • (1+) Photos of departed animal(s) for Level II
  • Water – you will need to drink plenty of water. When working out any muscle you need to replenish the body. Water helps with fatigue, headaches, and of course hydration.
    • ** The Photos do not need to be recent, but they must be of your own animal(s) or animal(s) you know well.
  • A really big SMILE!

If you would like to host a workshop or participate in one,
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A Few Testimonials

Wonderful communicator –“I was lucky enough to meet Kathy in person at her lecture in this area….what a dynamic, down to earth lady! I was so taken with her I made a phone appt. She was spot on reading my young horse for me(and him). I gleaned so much info from her….and to top it off, she told me EXACTLY what the man who helped me start him as a 2 yr. old said – “this horse doesn’t have one mean bone in his body”. Thanks so much, Kathy, and I’ll call again, for sure.” J.C.- North Carolina

Hi Kathy- I attended your workshop in Boise ID. at the Horse Affair. The last exercise finally gave me conformation that I can do it! Thanks again. – S. M. Boise Idaho

Thank you so much! The workshop was an incredible experience. I’m still amazed how easy it was. We had so much support and guidance from you and each other. Your weekend workshop has changed me forever! Thank you again. – K. Hanson Aiken S.C.

Of all the animal communication workshops that I’ve been to the basic process is quite similar, but Kathy’s was unique. Trust yourself and your sixth sense, there was no “right or “wrong”. It’s given me a vehicle to be able to communicate to my four legged friends, sharing in the love we feel for one another. Kathy’s sense of humor and personality made the workshop a true pleasure. Thank you Kathy for sharing your self, – Penny – Oakdale Ca.

My head is still spinning from the fabulous weekend workshop you conducted. Thank you so much you are a special lady. – Carol – Pinehurst NC

What better way to spend your weekend than being in a room full of like minded people who are all learning how to communicate with their 4 legged friends. Thanks to Kathy’s guidance I learned to trust myself and ‘those feelings’ that I have had for years. It really is easier than you think. What an experience, quite the gift, definitely life changing. – L. Stark Jamestown, Ca. Pet Vacations & Corgi Rescue


Contact the office @ (434) 221-1600 or email

Kathy is NOT A VETERINARIAN and will NOT diagnose your animals. Animal Communication is your ANIMAL’S VIEW of their life. Animal Communication is not a form of diagnosis nor should it ever be used as veterinary care. PLEASE Contact your veterinarian if you have concerns for your animals health and well-being.

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