• Kathy’s a very talented Animal Communicator. She is intuitive, understanding, and sincere in her work, which makes her skills valuable to the animals and their people. It’s been a pleasure to be part of Kathy’s journey. – Anita Curtis (my teacher)
  • Hi Kathy your communication with Bailey was right on! You are the most open mined communicator I have ever contacted. You freely offer information before I ever asked; I was so impressed with you! You have a wonderful gift and certainly put my mind at ease and my vet confirmed everything you told me. I was truly happy when you told me Bailey was not ready to leave us yet, and that he was still very happy and loves the company of the other dogs. After I spoke with you he really perked up. I will certainly be calling you again! Thank you so much, I’m putting your website on my favorites. – Bonnie G. [PA]
  • Thank You for a great weekend! I have had only miraculous reports about the seminar, so you should be very proud. Now I have to just practice, practice, practice! Deepest thanks from me and the Garden State Dressage Society. – From the President of the GSDS, J. Allen
  • Kathy my head is still spinning from the fabulous weekend workshop you conducted. Thank you so much you are a special lady. – Carol P. [N.C.]
  • Hi Kathy Your communication with Bailey was right on! You are the most open minded communicator I have ever contacted. I was so impressed with you! You have put my mind at ease and my vet confirmed everything you told us. Thank you so much! – Bonnie G. [Pa. www.esrescue.org]
  • What better way to spend your weekend than being in a room full of like minded people who are all learning how to communicate with their 4 legged friends.Thanks to Kathy’s guidance I learned to trust myself and ‘those feelings’ that I have had for years. It really is easier than you think. What an experience, quite the gift, definitely life changing. – L. Stark Jamestown, Ca. [Pet Vacations & Corgi Rescue]
  • Over the years I have called upon Kathy George to communicate with my dogs and show horses. She has a natural ability to tap into the animal’s mind and give you insight into their thoughts and behaviors. Her services have proved most helpful to me when my trainers and myself had problems progressing with a horse’s training. She has also performed body scans on many finding sore spots that were missed by various vets. I highly recommend Kathy and her talents to all pet owners. With her intuitive communication skills you will get to know your pet on a deeper level and it will lead for numerous improvements in your relationship with them be it on a show/training or confidante/buddy levels. She turns non-believers into followers while closing the gap between human and animal communication. Kathy is bar none talented and gifted! – Josephine G. -N.Y.
  • Thank you for the great read this morning of “Echo”! I was sitting with Mikayla as you talked with her and it was so fun to watch her reactions, and see her in awe of the accuracy of the things you mentioned. She teared up when you mentioned that Echo said “she’s my kid” and I think that describes them to a T! He truly takes care of her. I thought you’d enjoy this picture of the day they officially became a team . Thank you again for sharing your gift! Merry Christmas!
  • I talked with Kathy this morning about my heart horse. She nailed it on the head with his personality just wanting to work and be given work. Anything and everything and wanted to work more! That isn’t where it really hits home and raises your hairs though.I have a mare I am take care of for a friend of mine. I found her Saturday after a bunch of rain had come in with her leg filleted open. We scoured the pastures for fences down or anything that could give us a culprit. On a whim during my session with Kathy I asked her to see if she could talk to this mare and ask her what she cut herself on so that we could make the pasture safer. With the image she sent to Kathy and Kathy explained to me… I went hunting in the pasture and found the culprit. Kathy said it was a stick about the size of my forearm sticking up out of the ground that almost looked like an old hitching post. This has really bothered me because this mare is so sweet and gentle she isn’t the type to get into a fight over the fence or act like a fool so for her to be injured with no culprit was sickening. This helps me and owners both settle a little knowing it was a freak thing and freak culprit.
From a forum- phone consultation experience:

I was not going to tell anyone except for the VERY few people that I did tell (my husband doesn’t know because I firmly believe he would think I definitely went off my rocker-lol) but I called Kathy. I called her about two weeks in to Grasshopper’s accident. I needed him to know that I loved him very much and that I was sorry and to please keep fighting. I knew we would talk about my other horses but he was the only reason I called.

I got on the phone with her, told her the information that she needed and then stayed silent (I was going to relay that information after I heard what she said). Immediately she said pain. She said he was hurting really really bad on his front right foot (that is the one that has the cast on it and the one that could end his life if we can’t get it to heal). I DID NOT TELL HER ANYTHING. He said he was trying to get better but it hurt really bad. She asked me if he was at a vet hospital. I said yes. She asked if I took him there. I said yes. She told me he knew he needed to be there.

And then she said he was saying he was sorry. He just kept saying he was sorry and that he was trying to fight. He said he knew I loved him and he loved me too. You can imagine there was nothing I could have said because I was in tears and pretty emotional.

I am not going to lie, I was a big skeptic and quite frankly I was just trying to find a way to feel better about the whole ordeal. We went through my other horses and what not and I am not going to go into those but it was pretty freaky what she communicated to me in that time frame. And honestly, it got me through a couple of those weeks.

Say what you want, but I am so very thankful I had this opportunity to go through this. I may never do it again but I needed this and Kathy was right on with everything that she told me with Grasshopper.

I think there is every reason to be a skeptic but I think there are a lot of reasons to not be one too.

From the Kathy George Animal Communications FaceBook Page:
  • I have visited with Kathy 3 different times already on numerous animals of mine and every time has been an amazing and very insightful experience! From dealing with medical issues with horses to gaining insight into how they would prefer to be ridden to understanding if my very elderly dogs still have a good quality of life! I will continue to call Kathy and have these “talks” with my animals as I already feel like I am in a better position to understand and openly communicate with them myself! All I can say to someone that hasn’t experienced this before is to not be skeptical until you’ve tried and witnessed yourself! Thank you Kathy for all that you do because I can’t imagine that taking on others feelings and emotions even if it’s for a short time is very easy! – Alyssa A.
  • I was very impressed! I was a little skeptical but she told me things about their personalities that no way could she have known that stuff! Right down to the little details about how they handled pressure and how they liked their living situations! It’s worth a shot for sure! – Stacy K.
  • I will be the first to post YAY Kathy! So glad to reconnect! To anyone reading there is no one like this – on very limited information she always manages to knock my socks off with something she can’t possibly know and has actually changed behavior in some cases in one of my horses (I know its hard to believe but those that have witnessed have become believers!). For the last 5 years I have tried many others and finally gave up. Have been a client since 2002 and Kathy has never steered me wrong. To anyone who wishes they could talk to their pets, try this. – Helen M. – N.Y.
  • This is LONG, it’s about four of my animals… On November 14th, Kathy spoke with me about my three horses and one of my two dogs. My main girl I felt was not really ‘right’ starting around September. I couldn’t tell what it was, but had wanted to try Kathy for some insight first. Well, let me just say how AMAZED and thankful I am. Kathy completely NAILED each horses personality and how their voices would be, I believe. She mentioned tummy, ovary, and then wait….no, then she was thinking Lymes. I had treated my mare for ulcers and that didn’t quite do it. Gave her raspberry leaf and have her on some supplements to help support her reproductive tract. But the real find was she was positive for Lyme! Kathy NAILED it. She was so spot on. She even knew how this not being at 100% would annoy Cookie too. LOL. We are almost done with three months of meds and Cookie is definitely feeling better and more herself. It will still be a long road for her to get to her top form again, but I am so thankful to Kathy.

    She also totally pegged my one gelding as a sarcastic turd who sees children as playthings and does not see WHY he should allow people to ride him, what’s the point? Lol. Ah, thats my Rockstar Lucky. Saved him two hours before he loaded to slaughter at the kill buyers lot as a stallion. No worries, he has a safe and loving home for life, even if he only gets ridden once in a while. I kind of enjoy his attitude.

    Benny, my sweet young Arab…he is so wanting to please and does not really understand why he’s in training, he can do all this stuff, he says. And he is, and is coming along beautifully! I cannot wait until I bring him back home on May 1st!

    Last one and probably the most puzzling has been my old dog, Panzer. She got his voice right, so insulted when he said he feels ‘full’ and she asked him if he was fat. Hahaha, I am NOT FAT, he said. So very offended! The real issue…he’s SO thirsty, but can’t quench his thirst. Panzer had started drinking and peeing like crazy and we weren’t sure if it was age or something more. I didn’t feel he was ready to cross the bridge yet and was hoping Kathy could shed some light for me. Well, I scheduled him for the vet after Kathy’s visit, and after bloodwork and urine tests, it was narrowed down to two things. One of the two struck me. Diabetes insipidus! This rare illness is usually caused by a pituitary tumor and causes a dog to drink almost constantly. Their kidneys cannot hold the fluids and then they pee constantly, lose control often, and also have weakness and weight loss. The pee is so dilute, it is almost clear. When I heard this, I begged the vet to prescribe me the meds for it, even though we weren’t doing the CAT scans and other testing due to his age. Well, the meds worked IMMEDIATELY! My old man is sleeping through the night and back to drinking and peeing normally with NO ACCIDENTS! He is brighter and seems happy too!

    So, if you weren’t sure about making an appointment, DO IT. It is worth every single penny you will spend. Kathy is a great lady and I am so thankful to her for her help. I plan to set up a follow up visit in a few months to check on the kids again! Sorry it took so long to post, but we literally JUST got the dog meds on Tuesday of this week. Final puzzle solved! – H. McLaren

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