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Meet Kathy

Kathy’s hobbies span from Barrel Racing with her horses to hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains where she lives. Pictured is Kathy and her Missy Girl. The bond they have is undeniable. Missy was diagnosed with EPM and at the same time Kathy was told Missy’s sight was compromised. At no point did Kathy ever waiver on Missy’s willingness to continue their partnership. Kathy has said “Missy has taught me that the only handicap we have is between the ears. When I have moments of ‘what if’ or ‘maybe I’ll fail’. I look back at my incredible girl and smile. I remind myself to stop placing limits on what we all can achieve.” Missy passed away peacefully 02/09/2019

Kathy has always had an involvement with animals. She has had numerous cats, dogs, horses, as well as a crow she and her sister adopted.  She competed in Hunter Jumper Events then later took up Combined Driving and Barrel Racing. Kathy, as do millions of  other people, always felt very connected to animals. She first heard of Animal Communication in 1992.

Kathy studied with Animal Communicator Anita Curtis in her  Basic & Advanced Workshops; and later apprenticed with Anita in training others. Her goal is to take the huge misconceptions spun into Animal Communication by the media and others and present it in its basic form. Kathy has laid out a very straightforward and at times a humorous approach to her teaching and lecturing about the profession. She is quick to point out that telepathic communication is not a “phenomenon”, nor are only “special” people privileged in doing it. Telepathic communication is just another sense we have. In school we are taught to only acknowledge five of our senses. This sixth sense has simply been pushed aside. Kathy’s’ workshops help you regain the ability you are born with. ​

 Kathy has clients and students in Italy, Germany, Canada, UK, China, Bahamas, Amsterdam as well as all over the United States. Her business includes Phone consultations, Educational lectures, Farm/Home Group Consultations, and instructing a  clinics simply called “Listening”. 

Kathys students include professionals like veterinarians, farriers, and trainers as well as pet lover/owners. Her greatest joy is to educate through her workshops and lecturing. 

 She has re-published her booklet  – Animal Communication – “A Simple Guide How to “Listen” to the Animals and  A Few Short Stories of Animals and People I Have Been Privileged to Meet” 

To view excerpts of the book click on link  The Book- A Simple Guide  or Listening Learning Understanding MORE

Below are pictures of Kathy & Missy along with her other girls Baylea, who is retired, and Maggie who are equally as inspiring. 

What Does Kathy Do?

Animal Communication Consults



Group / Farm Visits

Kathy is NOT A VETERINARIAN and will NOT diagnose your animals. Animal Communication is your ANIMALS VIEW of their life. Animal Communication is not a form of diagnosis nor should it ever be used as veterinary care. PLEASE Contact your veterinarian if you have concerns for your animals health and well-being.

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