Lectures are available upon request. Kathy travels extensively presenting educational lectures.

Topics of discussion are but not limited to:

  • What is Animal Communication?
  • Dispelling the Myths.

Our animals do hear us. YES you too can learn how!

Kathy also shares many of her extraordinary consultations with the audience including the stories of how her naughty cat “Steven” told on her daughter while Kathy was away teaching. Some of her stories may have you laughing and some may have you crying. Either way you will be delighted with her candor and down to earth presentation on “Animal Communication.”

“To know and understand the basics is all we need. If we do not totally understand a subject and jump to another skill level we only create frustration and defeat within ourselves. When the mind and body are able to absorb new information and integrate the new information into daily life, it is by that act the information becomes a strong foundation and new knowledge can occur gracefully on its own.”
– Kathy George

Please contact the office for hosting informational packet.

Kathy is NOT A VETERINARIAN and will NOT diagnose your animals. Animal Communication is your ANIMALS VIEW of their life. Animal Communication is not a form of diagnosis nor should it ever be used as veterinary care. PLEASE Contact your veterinarian if you have concerns for your animals health and well-being.

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