Some of my dear friends & favorite companies doing great work:

Dear friends
favorite companies doing great work:
Windfall Farm Dressage
– Bridgeton N.J.
Zatural Hemp Oil
Mushroom Matrix
for Horses, Dogs, and People
Equine Medical & Surgical Associates
Bach Flower Remedies
Natura Pet- Holistic Pet Foods
The Natural Vet
Online Riders Collective
Green is the New Blue
Western Ways
[Local Tack Feed and all-around fun stuff]

– Lynchburg, Va.
Natural Horse Magazine
Golden Paste Dr. Doug English
Equine Supplements
AHVMA-American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


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Kathy is NOT A VETERINARIAN and will NOT diagnose your animals. Animal Communication is your ANIMALS VIEW of their life. Animal Communication is not a form of diagnosis nor should it ever be used as veterinary care. PLEASE Contact your veterinarian if you have concerns for your animals health and well-being.

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