The eBook – a Simple Guide to Help you “Listen” to the Animals”

It began in 2003 as a learning tool for Kathys’ workshops. She then added more content and offered the book for sale on her lecture-teaching tours. It has now morphed into a 90 page “How to” manual with short stories of consultations she has been privileged to express on pages. 

Now in eBook form!

Below is an excerpt from the book.


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 Can you think of the words used and misused in  association with this profession? The media and possibly others would have you believe that animal communication, being psychic or other wise, is   privileged to only a “special” few. The limits we place on our thought process will only stunt our personal growth. Be aware of the words used that describe animal communication. When I began teaching  others how to “Listen” to the animals, I realized how little I understood the words associated with this  profession.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary is one of my favorite books. I explored all the words people associated with me as well as looking up the words describing what I was doing. Too my surprise I realized how indefinite my knowledge and beliefs were; as well as, the publics perception of the words used to describe me, my abilities. 

Sixth Sense (n) A power of perception like but not one of the five senses: a keen Intuitive power.

Psychic: (n) A person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces, aka: MEDIUM

Medium (n) The first definition – Something in the middle position: also: a middle position or degree.

Intuition (n) Quick and ready insight. (2) The power.  

Telepathy (n) Apparent communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means

Extrasensory (adj.) Not acting or occurring through the known senses.

Extrasensory, is a powerful definition. The definition validates that this “other sense” in not a “known” sense. Reading these definitions made sense. I am in the middle; the middle of the tangible senses and non-tangible senses. Haven’t most of the people you know, including yourself, experience a moment when you “just knew” or had a “gut feeling?” A power of perception, quick and ready insight. Aren’t we all just like that?

When an occurrence takes place that you can’t explain, such as, the phone ringing and you were just thinking about the person who is calling, what do you call that, a coincidence?

Coincidence: (n) occurrence together apparently without reason.

How many coincidences have you had with the same similarity? Would you call it our sixth sense?

Can you understand how the use of these words has diluted our perception of the truth? The truth is we do this everyday in our life. Our sixth sense is so subtle at times that we don’t acknowledge our own psychic abilities presence in our lives. If you were to take the time and journal those moments in your life you would see how “normal” these type of coincidences are.  If you do not acknowledge something then how can it become your reality? If a friend of yours has a habit of biting their nails or cracking their gum and you don’t tell them their habit is annoying, how can they make it their reality to form change? If we don’t acknowledge our own psychic abilities or our being a medium when the subtle moments occur, how can we make our sixth sense a part of our reality to form change?

When I began teaching I use to ask myself, “Why are we are so blocked and why is it so hard for   people to even conceive the thought of communicating with animals?” I believe it all started when we were very young. Our parents and societies beliefs are drilled into us to adapt a certain way of thinking. Our parents only teach us what they have been taught and what they have accepted as their truths. As adults we can relate to that, we also have carried that thought process over into our beliefs and passed them on to our children.

Think back when you were very young, your parents and teachers taught you about your five senses. For myself I was in second grade. We did a week-long lesson plan on our five senses. Every day the teacher would discuss and have the class experience one of our senses in different degrees. I went home and told my parents that this week in school we learned about our five senses. I told them about all the different smells and all the different things we tasted and so on. My parents confirmed that “yes, we only have five senses.” If my parents said it was so and my teacher than it had to be true, I only had five senses. I was given a very set perimeter to live in; my belief system was being formed.

Did you have a similar experience? Who told you we only had five senses? Was it Sesame Street, your parents, a teacher? Can you possible see how we have a perimeter placed around our belief system?  A limitation in our thinking that has become a restraint placed on our thought process. Our freedom to allow our imagination to go beyond the “norm” has been challenged. We do not perceive this as a challenge but accept it as a rule.

Unfortunately as we mature, we seem to push our imagination out and replace it with calculated thoughts. We become forgetful of the pure joy and freedom our imagination offers. Funny words freedom and imagination, personal choices we have  assessable to us, yet we seem to overlook and deny them completely.


“If you want to learn how your intuitive side, your sixth sense, can become part of your everyday life, this is the book for you. Designed to be a companion book to the educational lectures and workshops its author offers, this guide presents simple, effective ways by which animal lovers can learn how to communicate effectively – and non-verbally. These delightful pages, though not professionally edited, are easy and fun to read, follow, and use. Kathy’s no-nonsense, upbeat, down-to-earth conversational writing style is clear and concise in its meaning, and her explanations, examples, and exercise descriptions make ‘Animal Communication with Kathy George’ a very worthwhile little book.”

– A book review from Natural Horse Magazine
(the book has more content now than it did when this review was written)


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